Different types of stock forms

  • 1 ply - 5 ply
  • Plain and 3 lines
  • Musical lines and bar lines
  • 9.5" X 11" and 15" X 11"
  • OTC and NCR paper

Single-ply or multi-ply stock forms are normally used for efficient and mass printing. There are two types of multi-ply form. The first type is made of OTC (one time carbon) in which the paper is interleaved with carbon. The second type is known as NCR (no carbon required or chemical carbonised (CCP)) where the paper is carbonised with chemical. We also provide customised stock forms to accommodate the needs of our clients.

How NCR works?


When pressure is applied to the CB sheet, a breakage of microcapsules occurs. When these come into contact with the activated clay of the next sheet CFB or CF, the image is formed.

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