Different types of computerised laser forms

  • plain forms
  • pre-printed forms

Different types of sheeted laser forms

  • A4 size plain and
  • pre-printed

Producing sheeted laser sheets can appear to be simple. Just place a sheeter in front of a forms press or cut and trim sheets from printed foils on a collator. Nowadays, marks for optical reading or micr numbering are required. With the introduction of laser printers with a voracious appetite for both plain and pre-printed sheets, several concerns must be considered:

  • moisture content outside specifications causes curling of sheets
  • paper characteristics incompatible with printer: smoothness, stiffness, texture, electrical properties, etc
  • paper too heavy or too light for reliable feeding in printer
  • paper grain direction incompatible with printer
  • heat or humidity in printing or storage affects paper moisture content
  • perforations not flat or not properly oriented can cause jams and even damage printer
  • excessive paper dust
  • cutting not sufficiently precise cause sheet edges to bind
  • perforations or die cuts too close to sheet edge
  • ink incompatible with toner
  • ink not sufficiently cured
  • ink and coverage not matched to fuser temperature, pressure and dwell time
  • packaging bends sheet edges

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