Different types of security forms

Security documents include items of monetary or intrinsic values which are very much determined by their usage, applications and circulation. These documents are used for various applications - representing worth and exchange of money, as proof of identity/ownership/status/qualifications, receipt of payments, lottery, games and others. The need to protect the attached values and integrity of documents has led to the incorporation of security features into the printing of business forms.

Security features are either visible, hidden or a combination of each of them. Security forms are often subject to stringent control even for the raw materials used, design and production processes, storage, distribution and circulation. Hence, they form a chain in the security system of an organisation, society or nation depending on the application of the forms.

Today, counterfeits, forgeries and product piracies are increasing on a worldwide basis. Researchers have estimated damages caused by worldwide forgeries to be over billions of dollars and the figure is still increasing. These illegal actions have affected sales, profits, reputation and image of the issuers and organisations. Other damages include not only direct financial losses to the end user for the value reflected on the document, but also the cost of investigating the source of the fraud and the legal fees involved. Valuable documents require protection - protection from fraudulent duplication or alteration, a condition today that takes on more significance than ever because of improved copying technology. Security feature printing can be your first line of defence in combating spurious document duplication.

We offer a diverse and unique selection of security characteristics which, when used in combination, protect your original documents from illegitimate duplication. These features can be incorporated into virtually any of our products and may also be customized to provide the widest possible latitude in protection. The function, usage and relative value of secured documents require different printing approaches. We can assist you in designing practical and cost effective security features for your particular concerns. Security printing is another aspect of our continued industry support, and indicative of our tradition of commitment.

The paper, approved by the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, for printing of security forms, is produced by one of the best paper mills in the world. The materials used to produce security forms include 120 gm first class security bond paper, cylinder mould made watermarks and two types of fibre ( visible and invisible).

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